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Civil Program Membership (LSC Funded)
Member Price$150.00
New Member Price$150.00
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Civil program members include organizations and government entities that provide as their primary purpose or mission civil legal services to persons otherwise unable to afford legal counsel. Civil Program dues are calculated as a percentage of a program's annual budget.

NLADA's Division of Civil Legal Services supports a wide array of legal services program providers, pro bono attorneys, law schools, bar associations and other organizations and individuals playing a role in ensuring that low-income people in the United States have access to effective representation in civil matters. NLADA serves as a voice in our nation's capital, advocating on behalf of its members to advance the cause of civil legal aid. NLADA provides specialized training and conferences, alerts members to information regarding funding opportunities for civil legal aid programs, and promotes a variety of networking opportunities designed to strengthen communication and support among the many partners engaged in providing civil legal services.

Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:1/1/2024Referred By:12/31/2024
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